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Capital 150 conference success

Members of Socialist Democracy attended the Capital 150 conference in London on 19/20th September. Held at the University of London, a full review of the current state of Marxist theory was attempted. 

A full report has been written by Michael Roberts and is available at:

In our own view the 230+ conference was of great significance. Among the speakers was a new group of Marxists represented by Roberts, Carchadi, Norfield and others. Although they were not all in agreement, they represent a new group who attempt to directly apply Marxism to current society and predict its future evolution. 

Of equal note were the scholars who continue to carry out original research into Marx's writings and deliver new insights. 

Disappointing was the presentations of popularisers such as David Harvey, who presented an unconvincing picture of the circulation of capital. 

Of special importance was the audience. The grizzled veterans were matched by enthusiastic young women and men anxious to understand and apply Marxist theory today. Given the audience the absence of the British left other than a few members of the SWP was disappointing. Apparently disinterest in theory is a feature of the socialist groups on both sides of the Irish Sea. 

The Belfast Radical Education Group will be taking up some of the issues of the conference at a future meeting. Some of the background papers from Capital 150 will be available. The mood of the conference is probably best summed up by Guglielmo Carchedi "The old is dying but the new cannot be born." 

Analysis study and discussion of Marxism has an important role in bringing the life of the new.

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