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Correspondence: A poetic appeal

20 May 2008

Hi Folks, 

Back in March, 78 individual poets along with nine organizations, gathered at the Split This Rock Poetry Festival, issued an "Appeal to Poets, Writers, and All Creative Artists." That appeal (see text below) is now on-line as an internet petition. I would urge any of you who consider yourselves to be in the category of "creative artist" (and that doesn't mean you must be doing it for a living) to visit and sign on. You can also view the names of initial signers there. 

Please circulate information about the appeal to any and all relevant lists. Thanks. 





Appeal to Poets, Writers, and All Creative Artists

From Poets Gathered March 20-23 2008 at “Split This Rock” Poetry Festival, Washington DC

Throughout human history, whenever there has been injustice, artists of all kinds—and creative writers in particular—have been in the forefront of the struggle against it. Today we confront a world increasingly dominated by wars, including genocidal wars, the preparation for even more war, as well as a widening gap between rich and poor unprecedented in the history of humankind. The wars in Iraq have caused the deaths of over one million people. Millions more in all countries die each year from a lack of basic necessities such as housing, food, health care. The globe is plunging headlong toward disastrous, human-caused climate change, which cannot be stopped without a drastic reconsideration of private profit as the driving force for every economic decision. 

Another world may be possible, but only if poets, writers, and artists of all kinds once again step up our commitment, in alliance with others who are struggling for peace, for justice, and for human rights in the world today.

In this spirit we commit ourselves to a world of peace and social justice, and to the protection of the planet. We call for a week of creative protest against war and social injustice March 15-21 2009 (marking the 6th anniversary of the present Iraq war). We propose Monday, March 16, as a specific day on which we will “Speak Art to Power,” that is, find creative ways to communicate our message, through art, directly to those in government. We ask for other individual artists, and organizations representing artists, to join us in signing this declaration and in organizing protest activities on the specified dates.

To sign this appeal and for the initial list of signers visit



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