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A slap in the face?

3 September 2006

Dear John and Kevin

Given the terrible outcome to the social partnership vote, I would like to congratulate you on you analysis.  At least one small section of the left is able to see things as they really are.  My one criticism is that you are much too kind to the ‘independents’.  I was given the campaign leaflet and was particularly stuck by the quote below:

“A slap in the face to SIPTU. 
During the ‘partnership’ talks themselves the government snubbed SIPTU by deciding to privatise Aer Lingus. During the talks it was announced that the Great Southern Hotels are to be sold and that the Bank of Ireland will dismantle its pension scheme”.

This sort of wilful blindness to the role of the SIPTU leadership is criminal. The left sweethearts of SIPTU are simply an obstacle to a genuine opposition.


Dublin rank and filer



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