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Correspondence: A teacherís open letter to the union leadership

30 November 2010

To all in ASTI head office and those who refused to fight when the first attack, the pension levy, came in:

Do you see now where trying to help the Government to take the pension levy, pay cuts and Croke Park 'deal' has got us?

You will now need to update the bright shiny welcoming New Teachers page on the ASTI website to include the news that, "Ooops, sorry, did we mention the fact that you'll be starting on a 10% reduction in salary and on point 1 of the scale?" "Oh, and, by the way, you'll be obliged to contribute to a pension that will actually cost you more than you get out of it. But don't worry! We're lobbying politicians on your behalf, and we're sure they're going to listen to us. After all, that's what they did in all previous elections, so why should that change now?" "And lest we forget, we've also ensured that retired teachers are going to be targeted as well."

And you still want us to pass the Croke Park 'deal' ó which can be reneged upon at any time and which in any case will be up for review under the four year plan this time next year?

It's time to stop trying to help the Government and instead to go on the offensive. We cannot afford to have our hands tied, with no possibility of industrial action for the next four years. The Croke Park 'deal' must therefore be comprehensively rejected now as a first step.

The cost of doing nothing now will be a totally devastated teaching profession where all teachers' pay and conditions are driven down to the new low of what is proposed for new entrants.

Mark Walshe
Branch Secretary
ASTI Dublin North 1


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