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‘Anti-privatisation’ meeting – more to be said

18 October 2006


Your report on the recent meeting called by the SWP front ‘People Before Profit’ on Privatisation and their intention to set up a network to fight the privatisation of public services must be welcomed by all.

However the meeting organiser’s failure to mention the only existing anti privatisation group, the CAWP and their failure to support the CAWP ask many questions of this latest SWP front.

As the only existing anti privatisation group the CWAP in their quarterly Newspaper have continuously highlighted the sellout  of public services be it water, health or education.

They have been in the forefront of the struggle to build a broad democratic campaign from the bottom up which could challenge the duplicity of all the main parties, who say plenty about privatisation but do nothing .

All the left groups/parties have decided for their own narrow and sectional interests that they know best how to defeat Privatisation. If it's water don't pay, if it's the buses don't pay, if it's the bins don't pay. Can this really defeat privatisation ? 

Only a united campaign of all the groups/ parties on the left has a chance of forcing  Privatisation of our public services onto the political agenda.  Failure to unite does our class a disservice and puts back the day when a serious fightback against the monetarist polices of our imperial rulers can begin.


Anti Privatisation Campaigner 



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