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Correspondence: Army assault against workers in  Tauramena, Casanare

Emergency pickets called every Thursday 

2 June 2010

Today (2 June 2010) at the hour of mid-day, a commando group of the National Army of Colombia equipped with combat arms burst in, leaping over a security grid at the installations of the Central Processing Facility of Tauramena, where they met workers affiliated with USO engaged in a peaceful protest. 

This war-like handling of a group of workers expresses an attitude of excessive force; of treating a labour conflict as though it were an issue of public order.  This illustrates the warlike mood of the company BP.  They are accustomed to generating violence and the violation of human rights the world over.  We recall the cases of Iran, South Africa, Angola as well as the Colombian case, which has been documented and presented by English investigators, in which the relation between the company and the creation of private armies all under the guise of providing security to their installations, meaning security to continue the looting that always accompanies the exploitation of Colombian oil has been demonstrated. 

We condemn the war-like handling of a group of workers and union leaders by the national government; workers who are only demanding that their fundamental rights be respected.

          We hold BP responsible for the acts of violence that are occurring in the Central Processing Facility of Tauramena and for the consequences unleashed by them, as well as for anything that may happen to the life and physical integrity of members of USO in Casanare.

          We hold the Colombian State responsible for the military assault against the workers, which we consider to be a violation of fundamental rights.

          We ask the international community to condemn this warlike aggression and to demand that the national government and BP respect the fundamental rights of the workers.


Colombia Solidarity Campaign adds:

See video Big Oil in Colombia

In the light of the emergency in Casanare we have called for weekly pickets of BPs international headquarters from 5pm to 6pm every Thursday until further notice. 


Emergency Pickets of BP HQ 
5pm-6pm 10 June, and every Thursday
1 St James Square, London SW1  (nearest tube Piccadilly Circus )

Bring banners, placards and lets make a noise!

If you cant get to London , take action where you are


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