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Demolish the Israeli state!

26 July 2006

To  Socialist Democracy

Israel’s actions in Lebanon over the last fortnight have surely demonstrated once and for all that the state of Israel as it exists should be brought to an end and an attempt be made to put a new secular state in its place. This is the only decent thing to do considering the war crimes that have been committed. Israel’s reaction to Hezbollah incursions must count as some of the most insane overkill ever witnessed. It is a crime in itself not to end all co-operation with the state of Israel as it presently exists. The fact that isn’t going to happen is the starkest evidence in the world today that democracy is a joke. 

Israel has been armed to the teeth with American backing with no significant resistance by any of the western powers. To take concerted international action against Israel could be devastating to world security. No terrorist group or any other nation in the Middle East has the capability for terror that Israel has at its disposal. Israel’s weapons of mass destruction  –  nuclear of course – could one day soon be threatening us because at the core of this fake liberal state is biblical fundamentalism. 

The ideology of the, “chosen people,” and their homeland, a fulfillment of the scriptures, a travesty of everything great the Jewish race has contributed to human history. Israel is a holy timebomb. That it should come to this in the 21st century. 


Steven Holmes


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