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  Correspondence: Eurostar cleaners appeal 

22 September 2009

Sometimes when we do one of our online campaigns, we trigger a response from the employer or government.  Often just getting that response is a kind of victory -- it means we've gotten their attention, at the very least.

It usually takes a few hundred messages, or even a few thousand, before this happens.

But yesterday we were asked by a British union, the RMT, to do an online campaign in support of the under-paid, poorly-treated workers who clean the world-famous Eurostar trains that connect London to the European continent.

As usual, I sent off the first message myself.  And an hour later, I had an answer in my inbox from the company defending its position.

That's right -- one email message from one person got their attention.

Imagine what will happen when they have 10,000 such messages flooding into their inbox!

Please send off your message right now -- click here:

The Eurostar cleaners had a rock-solid 48-hour strike last week.  This online campaign is the next stage of their fight for dignity.

Let's take advantage of the fact that the company seems a bit sensitive to criticism and hit them with a tremendous number of email messages quickly over the next 24 hours.

After you've sent off your own message to Eurostar, please pass this email message on your friends and co-workers.


Eric Lee


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