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Correspondence: Former SWP activist voices support for Ian Paisley 

25 July 2007

Dear Editor,

It was not a surprise to see former SWP activist Dave Carlin, in a recent edition of the Irish News, call for an end to water charges.  What did raise eyebrows was his call for support for the government as the way to achieve the desired end.  As I understand his past pronouncements, his preferred method has been to mobilise the workers against the government.

Does the We won’t pay campaign, for which he speaks, support the right wing coalition government at Stormont?

For over three years we have been told that non-payment had miracle  properties that would break the privatisation agenda. Today most elements of privatisation are already in place and a delay in direct charging has put the non-payment campaign to sleep.  The campaign is to replace mass mobilisation with appeals to Ian Paisley to spare the workers!

You couldn’t make it up!




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