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Greetings from Detroit!

11 September 2006 

Hey comrades!

My name is Brad and I'm a socialist from Detroit, Michigan. I'm a member of the group Solidarity and I actually have met a few SD comrades.  I was in the six counties in the late 90's and met up with John and some others.  He took me out to the pub and we talked politics all night.  The craic was ninety.  I ALWAYS read SD writings on Ireland, really they are the best on the left.  Anyway, I started doing a blog and I thought some of my non-US comrades might be interested.  It includes articles by both me and others, lots of photojournalism and radical art, and is meant to be kind of a daily slice of the international and US far left.

So if you or others want to check it out it can be found at
Hope you folks are fighting the fight and staying healthy.
Hope you like the blog.

Tiocfaidh ar la and pass the socialism,

Brad Duncan in Detroit



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