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Correspondence: Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI) November Teach-In

5 November 2007

As the war drums beat ominously and an attack on Iran seems inevitable, an important campaign is being built in Ireland. HOPI stands with the Iranian people, not the Iranian government. We totally oppose the Bush war-drive and at the same time speak out and publicise the current crackdown by the Iranian government on both dissidents and ordinary Iranian people.

HOPI is holding a Teach-In in Dublin on 10 November to inform and discuss the situation and building solidarity.

Themes include:

Imperialist strategy and the threat of war
Recent struggles in Iran, including film footage
The nature of the Iranian regime and the recent crackdown
Trade Union rights, strikes and solidarity
Sexual freedom and gay rights

HOPI Ireland will host speaker Yassamine Mather, a leading Iranian oppositionist.

The teach-in will take place the Teacher's Club, 36 Parnell Place, Dublin on Saturday, November 10 from 12.30 to 6pm.

Yassamine Mather will be available for interview.

Contact Anne McShane on 086 2343238 about the meeting and the campaign.



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