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Correspondence: Paul Bew article 

25 March 2007

Dear Editor

I note that you have recently published the following in an article by Andrew Johnston on the recent elevation of Prof Paul Bew to the House of Lords which contained the following observation about David Trimble's   after Trimble became leader of the Ulster
Unionist Party in the 1990s.

'Bew soon drifted into his kitchen cabinet, a motley assortment of characters including veteran gay rights activist Jeff Dudgeon and former IRA informer Sean O’Callaghan. '
The 'veteran gay rights activist Jeff Dudgeon' was never in David Trimble's kitchen Cabinet. I think Mr Johnston has  got his wires crossed here. He is perhaps mixing up Graham Gudgin the veteran northern Ireland economist with Dudgeon who was indeed part of
another  Ulster Unionist leader's organisation - the infamous Bob McCartney. 





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