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Correspondence: Rossport review tells half the story

7 July 2007 

Has SD lost its bottle?  I look forward on your site to iconoclastic articles that tell it like it is. For that reason I was disappointed by your review of the Rossport 5 book.

At one level the review is unexceptional. It is a well written account of the campaign and of the strengths of community action. But, as I am sure you well know, there is another side to the story.

That level is when the reviewer goes beyond the text to explore the issue itself.   The book is a fine account of a spontaneous movement, but spontaneous movements need to grow and become a national force, and this one is being strangled, initially by Sinn Fein conservatism and then by the trade union bureaucracy.

Is SD unaware of the Cassells report and the whitewash provided by Peter Cassells, former ICTU leader or are you, like the rest of the Irish left, unwilling to see any evil?




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