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Correspondence: SPSC 5 amendment 
24 March 2010


I recently posted an article reporting on ongoing trial of the ‘Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign 5. (see:

The words “at the behest of” in the last paragraph have led to false accusations that I believe that the Israeli state determines British foreign policy, rather than my actual belief that Israel is (and has been) an extremely dependable ally of US and UK imperialism in the Middle East. This is why both American and British ruling classes have been prepared to support, finance and arm, Israeli wars, occupations, land seizures and atrocities, and to especially favour Zionist organizations in their respective states. 

To avoid any confusion I have changed the words “at the behest of” to “in favour of”. I would ask any organization which has posted the article originally on the SSP website to notify their readers of this change. 

In the meantime I would also draw your attention to the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network:-

and its statement in support of the ‘SPSC 5’:-

Allan Armstrong
SSP International Committee, 
Edinburgh South branch, SPSC



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