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Support  lesbians and gays in the Faeroe Islands

1 November 2006

Dear friends on the FI-Euro list,

This is a call to support a very harassed lesbian and gay minority in far away Faeroe Islands.

The Faeroe Islands are a semi-autonomous part of Denmark - with a very strong Christian fundamentalist trends and certainly with its own laws on discrimination. Gay people are beaten or convinced to go through a religious "rehabilitation".

Please go to this website of "Act Against Homophobia" and sign the petition: Act Against Homophobia (AAH) is an initiative caused by the Faroese Government's homophobic legislation. The Faroese Government refuses for instance to make discrimination of people because of their sexual preferences illegal. This means that in the Faeroe Islands, discrimination of homosexuals is perfectly legal according to the

This protest is to show the Faroese Government and Parliament that whether or not it is in the name of Christianity, the surrounding world does not find discriminating acts against homosexual people acceptable. This kind of legislation is a serious violation of The United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights Unfortunately, right now violence and discrimination against people who have spoken up about their homosexuality in public is not uncommon in the Faeroe Islands. And because there is no law to protect the homosexual minority against such discrimination, it is often considered legal and acceptable to commit these actions against homosexuals.

Fraternal greetings,
On behalf of SAP-Denmark,
Michael Voss



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