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Correspondence: Workers Party of New Zealand conference 'Marxism 2007'

20 January 2008

Below are links to talks from our Marxism 2007 conference, held in Auckland last June. Several of the speakers are from outside our ranks. The talks are fairly short the Auckland comrades who organised the event basically went mainly for panels and short talks in 2007.


Phil Ferguson

Tim Bowron - Understanding Economics

Tom Buckley - Consolidating the SuperSizeMyPay campaign

Willa Bermingham - Socialism and the Environment 

Nick Kelly - The Greens and the Maori party: Are they progressive? 

Mike Treen - Venezuela and the Question of Revolutionary Transition

Daphna Whitmore - Mobilising Working Women

Jared Philips - Elections and Revolutionary Parties 

Jared Philips - The Workers Movement in Iraq

Mark Muller - Lessons of the Progressive Lockout 

Jasmine Freemantle - Women in New Zealand: The Stats 

Bryce Edwards - Labour and National: The Closeness of Policy

Anthony Main - Approaches to Building a Socialist Movement in Australia 

Coral Wynter - Approaches to Building a Socialist Movement in Australia

Coral Wynter - Situation in Venezuela 

Phil Ferguson and Anthony Main - Discussion on Revolutionary Internationalism

Mike Kay - Taking Liberties: The Strong State in the UK 

Paul Hopkinson - NZ out of South Pacific and Afghanistan now!

Phil Ferguson - Working Class, Oppressions and Marxism 

Joel Cosgrove - Student Radicalism 



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