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Orange March in Dublin

9 March 2006

Hi John, I read your article and would like to make a few comments. 

Firstly, I'm not sure about the nature of the resistance to the Orange march. It seemed to be a mixture of Dublin working class youths and a motly collection of other groups - most of all who have no relationship with the mainstream of society. The random burning of cars and some looting is, not I contend, very impressive. 

The interesting point about the whole episode is the failure of any organised resistance on a large scale to this provocative and sectarian parade. Where were the trade unions, women’s groups, the Left that rallied against the Iraq war, and so on? 

Was there any attempt to try and organise an effective protest with literature that spells out what Fair really represents? 

Secondly, I think the article should have dealt more with the abject failure of Sinn Fein's line to ignore this march. If it applies in Dublin, then it should also apply in nationalist areas in the North.  Should Garvaghy Road residents ignore the Orange Order this year? 

To leave protests against Fair to Republican Sinn Fein is a recipe for disaster and further more it allows McDowell and the reactionary right a chance to further mount attacks on resistance to British rule. 

I think a further article about Sinn Fein's position on the parade is needed. I'm more than happy to submit one. 

Yours in solidarity 

Brian Hughes


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