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Bush promises war without limit

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?   Simple – when they wear a uniform.  In a US, British or Israeli uniform you can kill children and call it self-defence.

But when is a non-terrorist a terrorist?  Again the answer is simple – it’s when they protest capitalist and imperialist policy.  A whole series of ‘anti-terrorist’ laws and policies are being adopted in the US, Europe and Britain.  All are deliberately designed to widen the net to include protesters within the definition of ‘terrorist’.  All exclude their victims from normal legal procedure.  In the US the administration openly boasts of war crimes in Afghanistan and seeks to use torture as an everyday police procedure.

You don’t even have to be a protestor.  The wrong colour of skin, the wrong religion, living in the wrong country.  All these could make you a victim.

Imperialism is on the march.  Uncle Sam is striding across the world with his trusty Ghurkha, Tony Blair, in tow.  The devastation, torture and denial of human rights that they bring in their wake won’t stop of their own accord.  As Bush has already said, those who aren’t with the US are against them and potential targets.

There has never been a greater need to build an effective working-class resistance.


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