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A Modest Proposal

The letter below was sent to the Socialist Workers Party on February 26th. We are still awaiting a reply and no public meeting has been held to discuss Socialist unity in the North.

Dear Comrades,

The decision taken on the 3rd of February to launch an Irish Socialist Alliance and stand candidates in the next General Election in our view was a welcome step forward for the Irish left.  We in Socialist Democracy can only commend the SWP for playing a leading role in taking up this new initiative.

However we also think that those socialist who are party to the Socialist Alliance also need to ask the question: What role can the Socialist Alliance play in the North of Ireland?  In our view it would be a tragedy if workers and socialists living in the North were to be denied the opportunity to participate in such an alliance.  It is our understanding that the SWP has no principled objection to having the Socialist Alliance operate in the North.  Does the SWP have any plans to convene a meeting to get the Northern branches up and running?  We think a socialist alliance meeting focused on the North should be convened as soon as possible as there is a British general election pending.  We would be keen to hear from the SWP on the above matter as soon as possible.



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