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Water company director wanted: £1100 a day

In you were leafing through the jobs sections in the local press in October you may have noticed a job advert for the Department for Regional development inviting applications for the post of Chair and 4 Non-Executive Directors to the Board of Water Service. This is intended to be the new executive board of the Water Service when it is transformed into a Government Owned Company (GoCo) in April 2005. This is the body that will be “at heart of the government’s reform of the water industry”. So how much time do they need to devote to this important task. Well the chair will be required to work three days a month, and the non-executive directors two days a month. For this sacrifice the chair will receive £40,000 pa, that’s about £1100 a day, while non-executive directors will receive £18,000 pa, a measly £750 a day. Of course, these figures may be on the conservative side, as they don’t include expenses. Potential applicants for these posts would certainly agree with the advert that the Water Service is undergoing “dramatic and exciting change”. However, if you are member of the Water Service workforce facing redundancy or the loss of your pension, or a member of a household facing a £400 annual bill you may have a different point of view. 


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