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No time for consultation but millions for consultants

The Government says that it wants to allow local people to make the decisions over water charges and the future of the Water Service.  Yet it has been pushing its water reform agenda without the slightest regard to local opinion.   It was found to have acted unlawfully in cutting short the so-called consultation process over the water charges legislation.  In that case an official from the DRD claimed that it had no obligation to consult on legislation.  A suggestion form the General Consumer Council that the Assembly take the decisions on water charges and the Water Service was dismissed by Peter Hain’s chief political advisor as “ridiculous”.  This contrasts with millions being spent on consultants.  Companies including UBS Investment Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Halcrow and Deloitte, all of who have a vested interest in privatisation, were paid £18m to confirm what the Government had already decided.  The whole process is corrupt.


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