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Trimble 'victory' the road to peace?

The recent ‘victory’ of David Trimble in an Ulster unionist council vote has been hailed as ushering in a new period of stability.  ‘Moderate’ unionism is triumphant and a better life will follow.

Oh Yeah?  The chaos preceding Trimble’s re-election as first minister showed a majority of unionists decisively rejected the Good Friday agreement even when faced with IRA surrender.  Trimble won the council vote with his usual trick of adopting the policy of his opponents and demanding total decommissioning and by assuring unionists that more was to follow.  Meanwhile on the streets Holy Cross shows how little the police and the state have changed.

What we have is the usual corrupt sectarian state with a ‘stability’ resting on the capitulation of republicanism and the promise of further concessions to reaction.

True stability and justice will come when working people organise against the deal and in favour of a policy of British withdrawal.



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