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Jerry Hicks campaign press release: An upbeat update

10 November 2010

There's still 8 posting days to get the ballot papers returned, the vote out for us and make tomorrow's history today! 

Everyone everywhere says the same, whether it's refuse collectors, High Street bank staff, workers on a construction site, in a hospital, or a call centre, they are angry [very] and feel vulnerable, let down by 13 years of Labour and the wasted millions of our money into their coffers for little or nothing in return. Most of our members have yet to vote or have no intention of voting. 

Not for us adverts in newspapers [where has all that money come from?] Bayliss's battle bus is on the hard shoulder,  Len McCluskey's United Left 'inclusive and tolerant, where fear plays no part' team are busy expelling people.

And not to forget the third candidate who like Len and Les is also an appointed job for life, six figure pay package Assistant General Secretary.

Wonderfully, in towns and cities across the country so many people have been doing so much leafleting, talking, contacting that we are making a difference. Having caught sight of our leaflet with our message, our politics, our hope that something other than 'more of the same' is possible means those that were not going to vote now will. 

To all of those who wish us luck, we say a big thank you, and whilst luck may play a part in the election, votes will ultimately determined the result. So please keep on keeping on, ring friends and family, phone your contacts, talk to bus drivers, bank workers, council workers [well , you get the point]

On November the 22nd there will be a new General secretary of can be us...................Dare to dream! 

If you need any more leaflets please text me how many and where to end them......07817827912 

Jerry Hicks


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