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Message from Jerry Hicks: Unite Election Result and a Big thank you

“Standing on the shoulders of 52,527 giants”!

23 November 2010

Please can I take this opportunity to convey a massive thank you to all those who contributed in our campaign and produced a result that the media and political parties said was not possible. To our great credit we always believed and knew otherwise.

Len McCluskey      101,194  votes       42%
Jerry Hicks                52,527  votes       22%
Les Bayliss               46,786  votes       19%
Gail Cartmail            39,363  votes        16%

Disappointed? For sure. A magnificent achievement? Absolutely.

Our message, was vastly different to any of the other candidates, as were the resources! So, finishing second and in doing so beating not one but two Assistant General Secrtaries was incredible. It proved that we were right when we, and only we, said it was a two horse race and that we actually could have won.

However we did not win, but it is up to us now to decide what, if anything, we wish to do next in order to give a voice to the hundreds of branches and workplaces that nominated us and the 52,527 people who voted for us.

So please give these matters some thought and let me know by e mailing

Returning to my opening statement, not to score a point but to make a very important point. All those in the media, who had no idea of what our members were thinking, portrayed the election as McCluskey versus Bayliss. They got it very wrong.

Worse still, those political parties and the many blog sites, who so readily peddled the myth of Bayliss being the real threat and only he or McCluskey could win, were also wrong, but they should have known better [perhaps they did?] and that makes theirs a bigger crime and a matter they must address themselves [not invent/concoct excuses after the event].

At all times, but especially in times of savage cuts, correct judgement is crucial. As no one will ever take a banking boss seriously or listen to their advice, why would we ever pay any attention to those that got this election and the possibilities so very wrong?

Calling for ‘Election of all officials’, ‘Confronting the Anti Union laws’, a General Secretary on an average wage’ struck a chord with 52,527 members and masses of people, employed, unemployed, in our union and those not, students and pensioners.  They haven’t heard the last of us yet! Neither have National Express coaches seen the last of us.

Coming to a spare room near you soon, keep on keeping on and expect the unexpected.

Many thanks and massive respect to everyone.


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