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Press release: There will be a new Unite General Secretary, so lets make it the one we want

15 November 2010

Imagine what we will feel like if [when] we win the election for Unite General Secretary.

Hold that thought, savour the moment, now make it happen. After many months of campaigning, demos and rallies, countless meetings, scores of hustings, 100,000s of thousands of leaflets going into workplaces large and small. Thousands of miles travelled on hundreds of National Express coaches. Lots of people giving up their precious time [and spare beds!]

Early mornings [very] late nights and all for one thing, the chance to get the union back so we can hand it back to members. Then punch above our weight instead of shadow boxing and realise the full strength of Unite to become the most powerful union at the most important time, when in the grip of a crisis not of any of our making.

We, all of us, have put us in the position of having the chance to make history. In the last few days which undoubtedly will mark a defining moment, we can make a real difference. 

Every single vote is especially important, there will be unite members we know that for many reasons have yet to vote, please think of them, those on a different shift to you at work, those on holiday or leave, those recently retired or friends who we no longer work with but are in unite............You get the picture...........Give them all a call, ask them to vote [for us!] and to send it off. 

There are now only a few days left for the votes to be cast, the last day for ballot papers to arrive is Friday [19th November] that means that they need to be posted by Thursday at the latest. The count is taking place on Sat/Sun 20th/21st. So by Sunday evening of this week we will know who is the new General Secretary of Unite, the country's biggest trade union with 1.5 million members, and it can be us.

Here are two links, the latest 'you tube' clip and an excellent newspaper report from last weeks Humberside campaigning. 

Please forward this on to whoever you consider will have an 

Jerry Hicks


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