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Public Meeting - War on Iran – what is the truth behind the crisis?

The recent stand-off in the Strait of Hormuz shows that tensions still run high between the United States and Iran. The threat of war has definitely not gone away. In fact war in the form of sanctions has intensified. But it is not the Ahmadinejad government that is suffering. Sanctions hit the poorest and the most vulnerable, never the elite. The people of Iran are suffering, not their rulers.

Torab Saleh leading Iranian socialist, political activist and founding member of ‘Hands off the People of Iran’ (HOPI) will speak on the nature of the Iranian regime, the relationship with the United States and the real reasons for going to war.

HOPI defends the Iranian people, not the regime. In this presentation, Torab Saleh looks at the nature of this regime and its relationship with the United States. He describes the history of the current conflict and goes behind the current media speculation to explain what is really going on in the Middle-East.

The meeting will be chaired by Des Derwin, Dublin Council of Trades Unions. Anne McShane, HOPI Ireland will also speak.

Venue: Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square (West), Dublin 1.

Date:    Wednesday 6th February 2008.

Time:    8 pm.

Torab Saleth is an Iranian socialist who took part in the Iranian revolution in 1979. In exile he became the editor of the journal 'Socialism and Revolution'. He is currently on the editorial board of the journal Critique and a prominent member of Workers Left Unity Iran. He is available for interview.

Contact: or 0862343238



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