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Online discussion hosted by Socialist Democracy

Security barriers are erected in Washington DC following the MAGA attack on the Capitol building

The United States
after Trump

Speaker: Jeff Mackler (Socialist Action US)

23 February 2021
19.00 London/Dublin
Zoom platform


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Jeff Mackler is a socialist activist based in the state of California. He is National Secretary of Socialist Action and a 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate.


Capitalist “civilization” returned to the nation’s capitol on Jan. 20, Joseph Biden’s Inauguration Day. Replete with 25,000 troops forming an iron ring around the few thousand establishment dignitaries gathered to pay homage to the new president, with deep roots in America’s racist, warmongering past and present, the event aimed at reassuring the world that Trump-era unpredictability/insanity had come to an end.

The ruling class as a whole understands quite well that a Biden presidency, minus Trump’s moronic bluster, will not differ in its fundamentals from the decisive bipartisan polices adopted over the past four years.

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