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Correspondence: Wagging The Westminster Dog – The DUP's Prospects

03 July 2017

“We have so much in common”, “we want the same things”- were some of the polite noises expressed by the DUP before the deal. After the deed was done  the prime minister was keen to describe her alliance with the DUP as one  between Unionist parties. Even before the details of the deal were revealed  the majority of MP's were not keen – one Tory even describing the DUP as a “toxic brand”. It's a bit late for the Tories to distance themselves from the DUP and the magic money tree.

May, by making this deal, has to show her supporters and those who voted  for her that she is making progress on the new (white) nationalist agenda but  that is the one thing that the Tories can't deliver because it can’t be done diplomatically. It can only be done by Trumpian diktat. That is why the Tory right and far right welcome no negotiated settlement as it gives them a free hand to let them lead the reactionary forces to determine a more extreme nativist outcome.

Gerry Fitzpatrick

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