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Workers shouldn’t pay the costs of inflation and war

24 September 2022

The immediate, but not the sole cause, of overwhelming energy inflation is the decision by our pro-NATO government to sign up for the US economic war on Russia despite claims of neutrality. We should join with other European nations breaking with this policy and open our energy market to supplies of Russian oil and gas.  The government won't do this. It agrees with the warmongers who tell us we should freeze in support of perpetual war.

Its proposals to deal with the cost of living are stopgaps that leave workers footing the bill.

There will be no change in a housing policy that subsidises vulture capitalists.

They propose minor adjustments in welfare, inadequate increases in public sector pay that amount to a major pay cut and direct payments to offset energy increases - again we would eventually pay the bill.

The most useful suggestion is for a windfall tax, but even if implemented it leaves energy companies raking in mass profits.

The truth is that the budget, as with every budget, is built within the constraints of preserving the profits of multinationals and the Troika’s bank bailout conditions. We stick within the rules and every year we get poorer. It's time to step outside the rules of imperialism.


  • Nationalise energy sources, starting with the Corrib gas field.
  • Mass public investment in alternative energy sources.
  • Mass expansion in free public transport.
There is a long tradition of pre-budget demonstrations directly led by trade union leaderships. The union leaders have stepped back, "supporting" from a distance. Today they are in committee rooms, lining up with the government in imposing wage cuts.  Opposition has become collaboration.

A fighting cost of living struggle requires fighting unions. We will have to build these from the ground up.

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