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Ireland: a century of counterrevolution
17th - 19th October 2021

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Britain's Lord Frost rejects EU Concessions


The publication of proposals from the EU to resolve conflict over the Northern Ireland Protocol represent a stunning triumph for Britain's Tory government. The British achieved all this through the standard kamikaze method they have employed throughout the Brexit process under Johnson. Complaining about a deal they signed off on. Lie, threaten, bluster, threaten to pull out and wait for concessions. Then look for more. The unionists gibber in the background, serving as useful idiots for the British.  (read more)

Irish government raises corporation tax rate


The famous polymath Umberto Eco used his medieval detective thriller, The Name of the Rose, to explore the field of Semiotics or the study of signs and symbols. The sign is not the thing it represents. That helps us understand the high-speed U-turn by the Irish government on corporation tax and its instant acceptance across the political spectrum.  (read more)

A Sinn Fein solution to housing? Don't look North!


Those seeking a Sinn Fein government to resolve the housing crisis are advised not to look North. The general behaviour of Sinn Fein in government is far from edifying and their role in housing particularly so. The latest scandal involves Belfast City Council and the derelict Mackie's engineering site off Belfast's Springfield Road.  (read more)

Bond, Wokeness and Representations in Cinema


The latest James Bond film has come out. It is apparently to be Daniel Craig’s last incarnation as the Spy Who Loved Me, or raped me as some have pointed out. There has been much discussion about how woke the new James Bond is and how woke the new James Bond should be, once Craig is replaced.  (read more)

The Zappone controversy and Ireland's pandemic of corruption


Fine Gael Foreign Minister Simon Coveney got into trouble recently when it emerged that in response to personal
lobbying by former government minister Katherine Zappone he had agreed without consulting parliament to
appoint her to the role of Special Envoy to the UN, ignoring the requirement to publicise the position to any other
possible candidate. (read mor e)

ICTU kill housing protest


The ICTU view of all forms of privatisation, including housing privatisation, is that these are a matter for political parties and that their remit stops short at demanding more provision. They are also very comfortable with parliamentary lobbying, no matter how low key, and are averse to demonstrations, especially following the Apollo House occupation of 2016, where the state threatened to seize union assets.   So it's really no surprise that the union reaction to the government's proposals is to swiftly send the opposition to sleep. (read more)

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Imperialism and the fall of Afghanistan 

Afghanistan: The Defeat of U.S. Imperialism and the Road Ahead 
Socialist Action (US) 26/08/21

After 20 years of untold U.S. government-inflicted barbaric horrors on the people of Afghanistan the world’s greatest military power, along with its NATO allies, stands humiliated, demoralized and defeated, forced to abandon their claimed nation-building project in the face of irreversible Taliban victories over the past year and longer. (read more)

On the fall of Kabul 
Anti-Capitalist Resistance 16/08/21

A few days ago United States Intelligence said that Kabul could hold out for 3 months. Ashraf Ghani the Afghan president told his people on TV that he was organising the city's defence. The US were carefully planning their announced withdrawal and setting up diplomatic talks in Doha with the Taliban. (read more)

Debacle in Afghanistan 
New Left Review 16/08/21

The fall of Kabul to the Taliban on 15 August 2021 is a major political and ideological defeat for the American Empire. The crowded helicopters carrying US Embassy staff to Kabul airport were startlingly reminiscent of the scenes in Saigon - now Ho Chi Minh City - in April 1975. (read more)

Taliban Again to Rule Afghanistan after 20 Years of Imperialist Occupation 
Left Voice 15/08/21

After 20 years of imperialist occupation, the Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan. Images are circulating across social media that compare it with the American defeat in Vietnam. But while there are some similarities, these two events are not the same. To be sure, we have deep disagreements with the Vietnamese communists, but a central difference is the reactionary and bourgeois character of the Taliban. (read more)


Colombia in revolt: Repression and resistance in Latin America

Duscussion on the ongoing revolt in Colombia with Bogotá based socialist author and activist Gearóid O'Loingsigh. 

27 June 2020