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Resist State Repression! Close Irish Water Now!

The continuing mass demonstrations against water charges and water privatisation show that workers want to fight on. 

They have not been bought off by the carrot of reduced charges nor intimidated by injunc-tions, dawn raids, imprisonment or by the threats that protest will be treated as major crimes - that stopping Joan in her limo is kidnapping!

However our movement has many weaknesses. It remains a loose alliance with competing agendas.

We need a united democratic movement working to a common strategy.

We need to strike back against repression by targeting the state, the judiciary system and the politicians.

We need to rise up now and use civil disobedience and an appeal to workers to force the closure of Irish Water. Electoral and non-payment strategies will only come to bear when the company is firmly established.

No more marching around the park - its time to take the fight to the enemy!


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