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A united movement in defence of Palestine

The cycle of siege and massacre in Gaza, culminating in the attempted genocide today  will live on as an historic struggle against repression, alongside struggles such as Stalingrad and the uprising of the Warsaw ghetto.

Israel think they have it made. The tide of fascist hatred of Palestine among their own supporters, the collaboration of many Arab regimes, including Egypt and the leaders of the Palestinian opposition, the impunity  provided by the imperialist powers and their lackeys and the propaganda shield provided by the western press - all this seems to provide the perfect opportunity to finally crush any dreams of Palestinian freedom.

Against the genocide stands only the spontaneous mobilizations of young people, émigrés, radicals and socialists across the globe.

A great weight rests on their shoulders. This battle will not be limited in time or in space. Massacre will follow blockade in an endless cycle as long as Israel has the power to victimise the Palestinians. The aftermath of the current battle will reverberate across Arabia and across the globe. The battle will be on to whitewash Israel and continue the restoration of imperialist stability in the Middle East.

The movement to fight this battle will be a broad democratic movement, open to all and organized locally,   nationally and internationally.

Above all the movement must have a clear aim. The peace process and the two-state solution have proved to be weapons of war. Israel's policy is land grab, massacre and ethnic cleansing.

Our alternative to two states is one state. A state run by the workers that abolishes all forms of second class  citizenship and ethnic supremacy - a state called Palestine.


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