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A revolutionary perspective for Europe?
The recent Greek elections saw a sharp division in the socialist movement, especially sharp between the groups such as Socialist Democracy affiliated in the Fourth International. The majority argued that an unconditional vote for the SYRZIA party opened the possibility of a left government and that the shift in morale if a left government were to be elected might unleash a new wave of workers mobilisation in Europe. The minority issued an international statement of opposition which was signed by comrades from Greece, Ireland, the US, Denmark, Germany and Britain.  This statement is available at:
The main points generally applicable across Europe are presented below.  Anyone who wishes to discuss this foundation statement should contact us.
The elements of the statement:
....In terms of measures that need to be taken, a     program of confrontation with the Capital is necessary. A program of transitional demands such as the general increase of wages, the radical decrease of working time, the cancellation of the debt, the socialization of the banks and of the key sectors of economy under workers control. Such a program implies a clash not only with the Greek ruling class but also with the European bourgeoisie and its institutions.
The only way to put in practice a program of struggle against the crisis and a break with capitalism is a general mobilization of workers and the popular masses
....It is therefore necessary to lean on the partial struggles, to strive to extend them and systematize the elements of self-organization that already exist and, under certain  circumstances, that can be the core of a future dual power. It is through a generalization of the struggles and by federating the organs of self-organization that a worker’s power will rise and face the bourgeoisie. It is with the threat of an extension of their struggle to the rest of Europe that the .... workers will be able to protect themselves from EU’s pressure. The youth and the working class ..... have the key to current issues in their hands, they are the ones to be counted on to find a solution.
In this situation, the motto “workers’ government” becomes relevant. It is not applicable at once: it is even difficult to imagine its possible composition in the present situation. Nonetheless, it is indispensable to propose an overall political solution ......
Such a workers’ government would have to put into practice a program against the crisis, would have to be ready to apply with key transitional measures, such as the  socialization of banks and strategic sectors of the economy. A government resting on a general mobilization of the workers and based on their self-organization. A government that would regroup all forces ready to defend the masses’  demands. The revolutionaries would be ready to participate in such a government with other forces on the basis of a confrontational program and of a high degree of workers’ and youth’s mobilization. Because such a government would encourage the possibility for the workers to seize power themselves.
.....An independent party, whose center of gravity would be the class struggles, not the parliament and the bourgeois institutions. A party able to embody a visible political pole in the elections as in the mass struggles is necessary to defend the only perspective allowing .... workers to avoid the catastrophe. A party both able to have a united front policy towards the other forces in workers’ movement and to defend its own political perspective: the break with capitalism and the seizure of power by the workers. We assess that, under the present situation......This project may also include common actions with anti-capitalist ...(movements) and small revolutionary organizations that work independently.

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