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Austerity Pact We Fight On!
Those who responded to the vote on the Financial Stability Pact by asserting that "the people have spoken" and that it is time to move on are profoundly mistaken. The battle around austerity is not to be understood  as  an  electoral  contest. Rather it is to be understood as part of an ungoing class struggle.
In any case those who  argue  that  "the  people  have spoken" don't understand the fundamentals of democracy. There's no way that one class can vote another class into   perpetual  poverty  and  have  the  vote  meekly  accepted. 
The vote is over. The class struggle is not. Having assured everyone that acceptance of the austerity would be in the interest of Irish workers, the coalition went to Brussels to look for some sign that they could claim as reward for   capitulation.  They  were  rebuffed. The Spanish bailout  followed. The Spanish bailout failed. Italy came under threat.  As the crisis deepens the capitalists throw more money at the banks and try to extract even more from the workers. Compliant Ireland is to be  saved  by  having the bailout extended for 40 years.
Voting isnít enough.  The movements, groups and individuals around the Household charge campaign and the United Left Alliance must redouble their efforts to change these  organizations into fighting structures around which workers can   mobilize   to  defend  their  own  interests.

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