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The great betrayal! 

Time to organize in our OWN defense

The endorsement of Croke Park ll by the majority of the Irish trade union movement is a betrayal unequalled in a modern history littered with sellouts and betrayals. Having once protested against "the race to the bottom" the Union bosses now lead it! 

They sold Croke Park l on the basis that it would protect public sector pay and guarantee services, the union bosses are back again. This time the story is that we would be worse off without their negotiation skills. This is pretty thin. The government asked for €1 billion - they got - €1 billion. Some leadership! Some negotiating skill! 

Labourís Brendan Howlin says we should be given time to think. But workers should not be confused. We are not being offered a choice. Puzzling over our vote distracts from the need to organize on our own behalf. 

Jack O'Connor offers a choice - vote yes now or follow him when he leads us to defeat and then vote yes. 

The government tell us that a majority vote will bind everyone. 

They inform us that a no vote will be followed by legislation to force the deal through. 

That doesn't mean we are helpless. "Left" unions are calling for a no vote. The frontline services call betrayal. There are deep divisions in the Labour Party, where many fear they are committing electoral suicide. 

What we mustn't do is simply follow along. We know what will happen at the end of the voting process, so we must use the vote to mobilize ourselves independently for the struggles that come after. 

We must fight to repudiate the bailout, kick out the Troika, force Labour out of government and build an independent workers movement able to take control of central elements of the financial sector and run Ireland in the interests of working people.


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