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Bono Backlash - U2 graduate on the web as malware

The debacle surrounding U2’s latest album release is more welcome evidence of the growing public backlash against this corporate monstrosity masquerading as a rock band. Its link up with fellow tax avoider Apple for the release of its new album, which was downloaded automatically to the music library of iTunes subscribers - epitomised everything that is rotten in the entertainment industry.  

There was controlling and arrogant assumptions that music fans would be grateful for having the “free gift” of a piss poor collection of songs forced upon them and that the endorsement of rock star shills would lend some credibility to the whole thing. Thankfully, iTunes subscribers didn’t see it this way and raised such a storm that Apple were forced to backtrack and release a U2 removal app. That only 33 million (6.7%) subscribers “experienced" the U2 album showed that it couldn’t even be given away.

U2 were completely oblivious to the backlash.  Front-man “Sir” Bono claimed that the album release was a great success (obviously thinking of the €100m they received for their “give-away”) and evoked the provocative spirit of punk to justify themselves.  He said that it was the band’s job "to stir things up a little bit."  But stirring things up is not what U2 are about.  Throughout their careers they have been focused on building themselves as a brand and corporate entity to the point where they have evolved into a private equity company with a four piece combo attached.  

For his part “Sir” Bono (much like his fellow knight of the realm “Sir” Bob) has been the most obsequious courter of the rich and powerful. He loves the poor but the most they can hope for from the causes he has supported (Live Aid, Live8, Make Poverty History) is a few crumbs - and these certainly won’t be coming out his pocket.  

What a pity that the U2 removal app only works in the Apple environment. 


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