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Online discussion

Genocide in Gaza:
understanding Israel's colonisation
project and the role of the US imperialism

Speaker: Moshé Machover (Weekly Worker)

21 November 2023
19.00 London/Dublin
Zoom platform


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The genocide being carried out by the state of Israel against the people of Gaza has aroused the consciousness of many millions across the globe. While its scale and barbarity are striking such assaults are not a new occurrence. Violence has been constant feature of the Israeli state’s system of domination over Palestinians Arabs for the whole of its 75 years of existence. This discussion will examine the colonial nature of Zionism in its ideology and practice and how it fits within the broader framework of US imperialism. It will also cover the questions what a just settlement of the conflict would be and how best the struggle of the Palestinian people can be aided by the solidarity movement.


In 1962 Moshé was a founder of Matzpen, the Israeli Socialist Organisation uniting Jewish and Palestinian activists. He developed the position, adopted by Matzpen, that the solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict is in a struggle to defeat Zionism and its allies – imperialism and the Arab reaction regimes. His analysis of Israeli society has been developed over decades.  Based in London since1968 he was briefly expelled from the Labour Party in a prelude to the ongoing antisemitism witch-hunt.

An outline of his views can be found at:

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