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A 1914 cartoon of Unionist leader Sir Edward Carson ‘kidnapping’ Ulster

Ireland: 100 Years of Partition
The carnival of reaction rolls on

Speaker: John McAnulty (Socialist Democracy)

1 February 2022
19.00 London/Dublin
Zoom platform


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John McAnulty is a founder member of the '68 group Peoples Democracy and currently a member of Socialist Democracy. He has been a political activist over 50 years and written extensively on the class struggle in Ireland.  He is the author of the recently published book “Ireland’s Partition: Coda to counter-revolution”.


Last year marked the centenary partition. Over that period, it has had a profound influence on Irish politics and society. It has been the foundation of imperialist rule in the north and of reaction across the whole of Ireland and has proved to be a severe impediment to the advance of the labour movement and to the development of socialist politics. The prediction of James Connolly that partition would usher in a “carnival of reaction” proved to be correct.  This discussion will examine the continuing legacy of partition and how it can be overcome.

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