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Attack on the Kremlin

What's the objective?

Why are the media lying so blatantly?

09 May 2023

Drone attack on Kremlin.

The recent attack on the Kremlin led to an amazing display by the Western media. Who could have done it? It was likely to be a false flag operation by the Russians themselves. After all, they had a history of attacking themselves in the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and blowing up their own bridge in Crimea. There was no evidence to link Ukraine to the attack, other than US intelligence stepping in to prevent an earlier attack, an ever-growing number of Ukrainian drone attacks, assassinations of journalists and the fact that the Ukrainians struck a special stamp to commemorate the attack.

The standard explanation is that the media is an agent of capital. This of course is true, and accounts for the persistent bias in almost all coverage. It does not totally account for the current level of propaganda. If there was a sizable political opposition to the NATO war drive then it would get some air time.  What drives the blatant fantasy passing as news is the fact that what used to be the social democratic opposition has collapsed into pro-war rhetoric and even sections of the previously revolutionary left have joined them.

With everyone in the tent it is hardly surprising that tight control of the media in both Britain and Ireland is now being followed by sharp constraints on free speech.  In the absence of genuine reporting no one asks hard questions about the Kremlin attack.  It could not have achieved anything of military significance, so is best understood as a political act aimed at provoking Russia, in line with a series of political assassinations of Russian figures.

The Ukrainian leadership understands that militarily it is outgunned by Russia. An ongoing strategy is to move the proxy war into a direct war. An element of this seems to involve creating the appearance of a nuclear intervention that would rapidly escalate into a direct conflict between the US and Russia.

That's not reported. If it were, then there would be mass terror at the constant war escalation and we could expect to see the growing anti-war protests in other European countries also taking place in Ireland and Britain.

Our task as socialists is to break through the media babble and build the movement against war then can we protect our own lives. History tells us that, although the authorities can censor everything during the war, the consequence afterwards is the rise of revolutionary sentiment.

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