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Correspondence: Miners Shot Down film

4 February 2015

Dear Editor

Thank you for publishing link to Hard Talk on the South African trade union crisis and also for the short review published of Miners Shot Down.

The film which fully documents ANC's and the South African Communist Parties involvement in the massacre of strikers at the Marikana Platinum mine in which thirty plus miners were murdered  and many others were injured can be viewed now on social media.

It is of course the position of the film makers (Uhuru Productions) that the ANC and the Communist Party now govern in opposition to  the working class.

The lesson of the film is that the organized working class must now accept this political reality.

Socialist Democracy has for some time maintained that the DUP/SF government is now also governing against the working class.

Recently, this has become so obvious it is a pernicious reality of the current British Government at Stormont which even the local trade union leadership now accepts.

However, the opposition and the Socialist opposition in Ireland  can only function effectively by not only opposing the Austerity Agreements - but also the former radical parties that have devised and support them.

This understanding is now a common denominator of genuine political opposition:

Miners Shot Down can be viewed here:


Gerry Fitzpatrick

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