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Correspondence: Sinn Fein hypocrisy 

8 March 2015

(This letter was received before the most recent U-turn. The general point still stands)

Dear Editor

I note that the current Sinn Fein president has made appearances today both on British and Irish media to inform the public in this election year that he and his party stood and voted for austerity in the North and voted against the fundamental right of a Women's Right to Choose in the north and will be doing so again in the south.

These statements confirm Sinn Fein as not only governing against the working class but governing against women.


Because women will never be able to live and work as free individuals unless they are able to control their own fertility. 

Because the working class and its organizations are now in opposition to the cuts and redundancies which his party are now implementing.

In his defense against extending austerity that his party had agreed to in the north he said on “Good Morning Ireland” that as a party they were unable to resist London because 'we don't have a united Ireland' .  

Here the Sinn Fein leader like his compatriot Alex Salmond fails to accept that it is now and will always be impossible to have production for the many instead of the few under the present "Pro-Business"* economic system.

So under political and fiscal pressure from London the Sinn Fein leader and his party caved.
Why then should those who are resisting austerity here and elsewhere believe that he and his
party when in government in the south will not cave when they are pressured by Brussels and the Troika to continue austerity?

* The phrase "Pro-business" was used by Gerry Adam's during the Good Morning Ireland interview when asked  what were the elements of SF's economic policy?   

La Lotta Continua

Gerry Fitzpatrick

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