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Correspondence: Solidarity with the Antifascists in Ukraine - Meeting & Campaign launch 

05 July 2014

A Chairde,
As you are aware, the situation in the Ukraine is a grave one and it is becoming worse by the day. Following a coup d’état, a junta of oligarchs and fascists, backed by the western powers, has seized control in Kiev. Since coming to power this junta have been using open warfare against the people of eastern Ukraine.
The ‘government’ of oligarchs and fascists is carrying out a campaign of terror, targeting men women and children in a bloody series of massacres. This campaign of terror included the infamous mass murder of innocent citizens and trade unionist, during an all-out attack on the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, on May 2nd.
The full might of the Ukrainian Army, boosted by the jackboots of organised neo- Nazi paramilitaries, is being used to crush all opposition to the junta, particularly the civilian population of Eastern Ukraine. These actions are aimed at opening up the resource rich region to the exploitative interests of the imperialist powers.
Combined with open military repression, the junta are moving to silence all opposition by threatening to ban progressive and democratic organisations including the Communist Party of the Ukraine and the socialist Borotba Union.
The actions of the imperialist powers and their open use and cooperation with fascism must be condemned and challenged by all democratic and progressive thinking people. The people of Ukraine are engaged in a titanic struggle against fascism and imperialism. We must not let them stand alone.
The Irish working class has a proud history of standing up against fascism, from beating the Blueshirt’s off the streets of Dublin, to fighting in defence of democracy against fascism in Spain. Once again it is time for the people of Ireland to take a stand against the rising tide of Fascism in Europe. International working class solidarity will be a decisive factor in crushing the re-emergence of fascism and we all have a role to play.
To this end, a campaign in solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance in the Ukraine has been established in Dublin. The organising committee consists of anti- fascists, socialists, republicans, trade unionists, democrats, human rights advocates and anti-war activists. The campaign is calling for an end to the war and for real international solidarity with the people of the Ukraine in their fight against Fascism. 
A Public meeting to launch the campaign and to give an update on the current situation in the Ukraine has been organised for July 5, at 1pm in the Connolly Books. We would like to take this opportunity to invite your organisation to this important event, and to affiliate to the campaign.

We hope you will join us in solidarity for the struggle against fascism. No Pasaran!


Organising Committee

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