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Correspondence: Thatcher myth rebuffed

11 May 2013

After Thatcherís death the media has been filled with attempts to glorify her. The story they tell is of how proud they were that Thatcher made capital safer by "reforming" the Unions - but what they don't admit is that that experiment led to the current decay of British capital.
But it wasn't just the economy that Thatcher and her Tory followers got wrong.  It was the idea Britainís past could be remarketed with herself in the Churchillian role. 
She acted out that role during and after the Falklands War. Adam Curtis some years ago put together an excellent film about Thatcher and how the Tory myth of Britain's imperial past was opposed by the union movement of the day and Irish Republicans of that time. 
Here it is:           
Gerry Fitzpatrick


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