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Correspondence: The collapse of reformism in South Africa

31 January 2015

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to strongly recommend the following link, which in my view underlines the collapse of Reformism in the politics of South Africa following the ANC Government massacre of workers at Marikana.

The interviewee is Jay Naidoo,  who left the South African Trade Union Confederation (COSATU) to work in the charity/NGO sector. The interview’s starting point is the recent Oxfam report that cites South Africa as the most unequal society in world.

Naidoo first tries to defend his five years a COSATU official saying that the ANC had only achieved a "non-racial" South Africa  - not a just or equal society - and admits that things are now worse - with his former ANC and Union movement leaders becoming multi-millionaires. 

The interviewer then asks about the way forward - strongly indicating that it is the formation of a new workers party as an alternative to the ANC government that has a better chance among the working class than attempting to change ANC polices.

The full interview is below;


Gerry Fitzpatrick

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