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Correspondence: The Right at The End of Empire

18 February 2018

On the news-stands today is the current issue of the New Statesman, on the cover is an important member of the ruling class. He is Jacob Rees Mogg on his way to Brexit victory. This will mean as the accompanying article explained, that he will succeed where others have failed. The day is fast approaching, the article went on, when those who are bungling Brexit—Boris Johnson and May—will give way to Mogg.

As the ides of 2019 approach leading backbenchers on the Tory 1922 committee—who have been grinding the butterfly remainers on their wheels within wheels—Mogg is the one they want to give them a clockwork Brexit—all they have to do is ensure that he is wound up tight enough. He, unlike previous visiting Prime Ministers, Varadkar and May, will be able to synchronize with local 1690 time. Proving the theological and socialist hypotheses that under Ulster’s dark sky's all religious fundamentalists are the same and want the same things: no abortion rights, no rights for minorities.

Jeffrey Smiles at Jacob

Because it is the DUP that guarantee a very special majority at Westminster, it is Mogg that will be doing all he can for the DUP tail to wag the Westminster dog. May failed the tail test. Biting his pencil on how best to please the pooch’s tail, Mogg at least will not be encouraging any Dublin envoys who now have no face to save. Poor Leo what will he do now?


Gerry Fitzpatrick

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