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Fighting racist murder

Text of leaflet for Black Lives Matter solidarity demo in Belfast

6 June 2020

(Note: in order to observe social distancing this leaflet was displayed in poster format rather than distributed by hand) 

The spontaneous demonstrations in Ireland have already achieved much. By linking with other protests in the US and across the globe, they have forced back a racist administration that is protecting the killers.

Attempts are being made to smother the protests on the grounds of public health. We should be willing to take advice about public safety, but reject a denial of the right to protest.

Our main goal should be to sign up the shy and the silent. Trade Unions, political parties and community groups must all speak out.

Break the links! The British and Irish governments give background support to the Trump regime. Target those links!

Fight on the home front! Although not approaching the scale of the US oppression, there is plenty of state sponsored racism and sectarianism in Ireland that must be confronted.

Racial oppression in the US is the main mechanism of class oppression. Full solidarity will need the organisation and activity of the Irish working class.

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