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Glasgow Rangers Football Club and the British Army - A glimpse of reality 

14 October 2013

Football is simply a sporting activity. There are a few bad apples. The state works tirelessly to prevent "hate crime." 

None of the above is true. Football has historically been an arena of class struggle, nowhere more so than in Scotland, where the democratic tradition of Celtic is opposed by the sectarian reaction of Rangers. Outside the North of Ireland, where the state sponsors sectarianism, capitalism balances the need to prevent uncontrolled public disorder with the advantages of dividing the working class and keeping a reserve of reaction.

Democratic and socialist forces also organise, but the state is much less sympathetic to them, so it comes as no surprise when hate law is used to prevent Tottenham Hotspur defying anti-Semites by calling itself "the Yid Army."

Many sections of the army consciously see themselves as anti-democratic, loyal to the monarchy rather than parliament.

So it should come as no surprise when the British Army lay on a battalion-sized parade at a Rangers match, when the Rangers supporters respond with sectarian chants, or even when the squaddies stand down, mingle with the supporters and join in with the chants.

The incident is reported at: (The video is now locked to outsiders).

Thank you Rangers! Thank you Brits! It is always worthwhile to be allowed a glimpse behind the curtain and to be reminded of how things really work.


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