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Jerry Hicks Unite GS election update

25 February 2013

New campaign leaflet here.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my couch for the night!

There have been some fab campaign meetings already, including the one I went to in Leeds on Monday night. 21 people all of the same belief that to beat the cuts and austerity, we need more than what we are getting. More member control, more democracy, more say, more of a co-ordinated fight back. Best of all was the meeting: Discussed, decided and drew up a 'do' list....after all 'actions speak louder than words'!

Then it was off to where I was being put up for the night by some fantastic bunch of students. On the way we bumped into a refuse collector who heard it from us first that he was going to be part of an election for Unites General Secretary, now he's voting for us! PS My bed for the night was a massive couch, in a room with a fantastic the song goes 'Oh what a night' and what a team!! 

The aim of this A4 is to shine a light on 'why the elction is happening'. 100,000's members will find out first from us that they are even going to get a vote. Hopefully this leaflet may get members: Angry: Agitated: Irate & Interested........enough to want to open the ballot envelope and cast their votes! Increase the turn increase our chance of pulling off the unexpected in the election that was never designed to take place.  

An  A5 email leaflet will be available by Monday evening, both A4 & A5 hard copies from next week.

Two Campaign meetings that I have information about::  Discuss, decide and do!
Tuesday 5th March Cambridge: 7.30pm Fulbourn Hospital Sports Club.CB21 5BQ
Wednesday 6th March London: 7pm Exmouth Arms near Euston Station.

If you have already, or want to organise a campaign meeting, let me know and I can publicise it.

Two candidates: One vote: Our chance: Enjoy!
Absolute respect and solidarity, Jerry [07817827912]
Ballot papers will begin going out to 1.5 million Unite members from 18th March [last date to be returned by 12th April]


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