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Monarchists and Trans Activists: Same Tactics

Gearóid Ó Loingsigh

22 September 2022

An anti-monarchy protester is arrested for holding a sign.

It may seem at first sight that monarchists have little in common with trans activists.  The image of monarchists is that of the dear old lady having tea and scones who dutifully tunes into the monarch’s Christmas message on the TV.  This contrasts to trans who are portrayed in a myriad of ways, as being people concerned with their freedom to express themselves and live their lives as they see fit.  Neither image has much to do with reality.  Both of them represent ideologies and views of society that must never be questioned.

One of the trans talking points has been to say that none of it matters much beyond the individual and that we should be kind and polite to them as using their preferred pronouns and letting them into women only spaces, has no negative consequences for anyone and only positive ones for the individuals concerned.  It is not true.  Women lose out all the time to men, the danger of sexual assault is never far, particularly in changing rooms and prisons where trans identified males are housed alongside women, including rape victims and some of these males continue to rape whilst in the female estate of prisons.

Monarchists make similar claims about the late Mrs Windsor and her son, Charles Windsor.  She had no power, it never affected anyone negatively and now in a period of mourning, we should show some respect, by shutting up and doffing our caps to our betters.  She was just a mother and grandmother that the nation loved.  And if you can’t see that or didn’t love her yourself, then there is something wrong with you.  The problem is your refusal to not see past what Empire really meant and what her role in it was, not the actual reality of what Empire meant for millions or the use of rape as a punishment in countries such as Kenya.

We are told that now is not the time to discuss the monarchy, that we have come out of a period of mourning and we should show some respect and pipe down about these issues, lest we offend someone.  Trans activists don’t have a monopoly on using their subjective sense of offence to demand that someone be silenced.  Monarchists have a world view and they demand that it be respected and not questioned ever, funeral or no funeral.

There were various incidents during the long, drawn-out burial.  In Scotland a young man shouted at Andrew that he was a disgrace.  He was violently pulled from the crowd and assaulted.  He was then arrested by the Police and charged.(1)  Monarchists, just like the trans activists, were furious that anyone would dare rain on their party.  Some said that a funeral was no place to be shouting at a mourner.  Perhaps not, but it wasn’t just a funeral, it was a public pageant and celebration of a monarch who protected her sex abuser son, it was an occasion in which he was in the process of being rehabilitated.  In the media coverage of the funeral his crimes were downgraded from abuse and trafficking of a young woman to merely being connected to Jeffrey Epstein.  There were few if any opportunities to express any distaste for what Andrew had done.

The bad taste of shouting at a funeral, was not the issue as was seen by police arrests of protestors in various places being arrested for simply holding up placards saying Republic or in the case of one man, asking who elected Charles.(2)

We now have gone full on trans activist hand book with a teacher being suspended for merely raising the question of monarchy in a classroom setting.  Both monarchists and transactivists have an ideology that demands no debate and are willing to hound people out of their jobs for thought crimes.  In many schools your job is now at risk if you teach accepted scientific facts such as there are only two sexes, male and female.  You can now also lose your job if you question whether the monarchy should exist or not, as can been seen from the recent suspension of a teacher in Scotland who invited his class to discuss the monarchy.(3)  It was a modern studies class where they look at things like history and politics.  If you can’t teach biology in a science class, not discussing the monarchy in a politics and history class is logical.

The student who complained said to the teacher “You must be a Catholic”.  A blatant sectarian comment, no laughing matter in Scotland, but no action was taken against the student for this.  In the modern woke world, there is a hierarchy of entitlement and offence and the river flows in one direction only.  So sectarian abuse of a teacher by a wee brat doesn’t count, monarchists taking offence is not only of far greater import, sectarian abuse is of no import.  The teacher has also been threatened and stated that:

[The idea that] you must worship [the royal family] uncritically is very dangerous because it means that anyone expressing a different point of view is vulnerable – the very fact that I was threatened tells you that.(4)
Those feminists who mourned Elizabeth Windsor did no one any favours by lining up with right wing reactionaries in Britain who support the Empire and all that entails, including the use of rape as a weapon of conquest and punishment in the conquered lands.  These are not separate issues, both require some element of magical thinking.

Trans activists believe in a modern secular form of transubstantiation, the Catholic rite where a piece of bread, literally becomes the body of Christ. The secular version of that is that you can actually change your sex and there is some innate female brain that you are born with, complete with a taste in the sexist stereotypes of the 1950s.

Monarchists believe in royal blood lines, when such lineage merely indicates that your ancestors were brutish thugs who murdered and intimidated others eventually getting to a stage where they could employ others to do the murdering on their behalf.  We hear little about the Divine Right of Kings, and Louis XIV’s statement L’Etat C’est Moi!  The French put paid to that notion by chopping off the heads of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.  That right fell into a basket never to be formally resurrected in France.  Nonetheless, the concept of royal families being appointed by a god is still in existence, even in Britain and that notion is what these feminists mourned.

Both of these ideas are part of the same reactionary assault on rational thought.  They are both part of a rejection of equality, one prioritising class and blood lines, the other prioritising the desires of men to enter into women’s spaces and subjugate them.  Both are magical thinking, a rejection of science.  You can’t change sex and royals are just the heirs to the wealth and power of the original mafias around the world.  You can’t fight against magical thinking, irrationality and male privilege, and then mourn the magical thought that Elizabeth Windsor owed her position to her DNA and that there is something divine in it all that we should bow down to.


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