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Socialist Democracy statement

OXI! No to the Troika! No to capitalist tyranny!

2 July 2015

On Sunday a crucial battle of the European class struggle will be fought on Greek soil. The Greek workers face devastation at the hands of the Troika. They must vote Oxi (no) in order to defy European capitalism, to say they do not accept the diktats that demand their destruction and to provide a secure beachhead from where they can begin to advance their own class interests and put the needs of everyday life above those of the financiers.

The battle is also crucial for capitalist Europe. Gone are all claims that a painful austerity will lead to recovery for all.  Their own figures show that their programme will decimate the working class and that generations will be needed to rebuild society. What we have here is the savage logic of class struggle Greece must be obliterated in order to convince the European working class that there is no hope and no alternative.

Above all the battle is crucial for Syriza and for the socialist and democratic forces across Europe that offered unconditional support to their programme. They have argued that capital will respect democracy and that a compromise is possible where they workers can both pay the debts of the bankers and speculators and also enjoy economic growth. If they believe that they should be mobilising in their hundreds of thousands to prevent the coup that is mobilising against Greece.

In reality European capital, with the support of the IMF, have called finis on the idea of a democratic reform that can protect the working class. What is left is a naked class struggle and the need for us all, across Europe, to organise in our own class interest and begin the expropriation of a capitalist system that grows more barbaric with every passing day.

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